Art and design inspire me, it moves me to find ways to bring beauty into our everyday life. There is nothing I love more than to wake up and placing my coffee cup on my specially designed cutting board every morning, smiling because of its meaning, and then moving forward towards my day.


“Art matters, because people matter, and art is one of the best ways to gather individuals and build communities around a shared experience.” – Eleanor Billington


This quote explains how art impacts us through the simplest ways. I love the look on a persons face when a personalized gift is received or given. Its one of the feelings I love when delivering or sending this personalized gift to you. 


What moves you? 


My name is Kristi Turman Patterson, the owner, and artist for this company. I am an enthusiast for all things artsy, shabby chic &  positive. I am a mother of two, a 23-year-old girl, and a 16-year-old boy & I am married to the man of my dreams. I grew up on San Juan Island in Washington State. I moved to Kingman, Arizona about 19 years ago.   Why did I name it KTea Designs?
I grew up with a phenomenal grandmother, Willa Jean. She loved antiques, flowers, and teacups. From the moment I can remember, one of my most precious moments were when she let me open up the hutch, take each cup out gently and dust them. Then, we would sit at the kitchen table, listen to the wind chimes, and drink tea out of the cup I had picked for the day and talk. This name is in homage to her. Willa Jean. With a
play off of my initials (KT) and my grandmother's penchant for teacups - KTea Designs was born!