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2022 Dreams & Goals

Sitting here in the home office, thinking of all that has transpired over the last year. We moved to Missouri- to be closer to family, moved into our new home, one that gave us plenty to work on in our DIY Blissful place, and found that my laser, after working for many years, had stopped working and needed some updates. It took 3 months to even find a laser repairman that would visit the shop and take a look at the machine. Fortunately, it was several easy fixes, and we are on the precipice of starting the machine again and giving it a whir.

Missing out on the Christmas laser gift season ended up feeling like a physical pain, a piece of me missing. I had built up this cozy image of what the first Christmas season in the new Etsy Shop would look like, and man did those "dreams" get a little dashed. My husband has taught me so many things as we went through this process. He never gave up, researching and researching until he had found the Laser Repairman. I don't think I would've recovered, if it weren't for him. It's tough to be excited, hopes dashed and overcome depression in one consecutive mouse wheel of a motion. No space to catch my breath, life still whirling. Yet at the same time, I tried to make the best of it. I found an art application that could only be used on an iPad called procreate. It changed EVERYTHING about my art and design. It took me to new heights in my art skill and ability. To mollify myself while in the throes of laser disappointment, I began drawing things that I could sell. I found out about 3 Party fulfillment, and suddenly, I was feeling inspired again. I've published some of the art I made for other people with their permission and started to find new products to put my art on. T-shirts, bags, mousepads, stickers, notebooks, hats.... the horizon looks great. Now my laser is working, and I've begun to think in bigger directions! I purchased an XCARVE last year, and I'm excited to begin setting it up in the spring when it gets warmer and beginning the next adventure to add to my Etsy Art offerings. I guess you could say, I'm addicted to inspiration, and creative growth.

My point is, Life takes us in unexpected places. My lesson is to roll with it a little better, not let the literal "no's" of the world keep me down. While on this journey, I found looking to do art for others, being inspired and sustained by those who are closest to me and keeping to the course - were what made it into a journey. Don't tank your whole life, just because it's not working right now, keep searching for a solution and inspiration and you'll be okay. One moment, One hour, One day at a time.

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